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What’s the advantages and disadvantages of the skived heatsinks

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Update time : 2018-04-28 13:48:19
There are many ways to make the heatsinks, such as the extrusion, skived. What’s the advantages and disadvantages of the skived heatsinks.
The advantages:
1. The heatsink base and the fins are made of the same aluminum, and there is no any connection joints, so the thermal conductivity can reach 100% of the profile material.
2. The fin can be made as thin as possible, thus improve the heat dissipation efficiency
3. Easy to make.
1. The outline is not as nice as other heatsinks.
2. If the heat sink is thin, the hardness will be insufficient and it will be easily deformed.
3. The thermal conductivity is completely determined by the material of the heatsink.