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Offers one of the highest quality and most diverse ranges of thermal management heatsink and cooling system in the world. To be able to make a sound evaluation and a better selection of thermal solutions for use in solving your thermal management issues, you first need the most comprehensive range from which to make your choice. Renxin.Seiko diverse range of the highest quality heatsink、cooling system   and materials can facilitate in making this decision process easier. Renxin.Seiko extensive product range has defined categories of product types. These have been arranged based on their physical and technical properties for easier understanding.Deciding on which product best suits your application is crucial to the success and reliability of your project. Renxin.Seiko  experienced engineers will gladly review your project and offer a design suggestion and product selection from our extensive range. Free samples are readily available from our office  for evaluation, please do not hesitate in completing your request for samples as required.Our products are supported by our comprehensive and dependable technical support to help you make the right engineering and commercial decisions, so feel free to  Email or call our engineering office today.

Engineering Services
Renxin.Seiko  approaches thermal management differently to most other materials manufacturers. We have the capacity, depth of experience and the dedication needed to offer thermal solutions to our customer Often mechanical or electronic engineers without thermal experience are tasked with managing the heat in the electronic assembles they are designing. This is where Renxin.Seiko  can offer our expert knowledge. Suggested thermal designs provided by our engineers are derived from extensive thermal management experience that customers have learnt to trust. Renxin.Seiko  is entirely independent and has the largest array of thermal materials available in the market from adhesives to heatsinks.Renxin.Seiko  is committed to delivering our customer  the most cost effective and reliable thermal solutions available. Products range from raw material 、Extruded profiles 、 Heatsink ,Cooling System、Fan 、 thermal  solution Design optimization,TEC devices, interface materials and thermal substrates plus many other materials that aim to complete your thermal solution.

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