Renxin. thermal and manufacturing services with high-mix and low/high volume orders available
♦  12-year Thermal solution and Heatsink OEM/OMD and assembly and manufacturing experience
♦  Comprehensive and flexible services from design and manufacture
♦  Strong components supply-chain supported by three overseas sale offices in Hong Kong
♦  Each component and product undergoes thorough QC inspection

 Our wide range of services includes
► Thermal solutions fabrication and CFD simulation  and Thermal Laboratory 

► Components Heatsink and Extruded Case according to your requirements

►  Heatsink assembly with Extruded, Forging and CNC technology

►  3D microscope, functional and other tests

► CNC Machining placement accuracy to 0.005 mm with DIN ISO 2768-M/G/F 

► Our low 3% employee turnover rate contributes to product stability

► Everything we make is backed by a 5-10 year warranty

► Fast and professional customer service with sales offices in HongKong/Shengzhen