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OD:55.00mm Heatsinks for LEDs

Item No.: RX582-004-00
Extruded Profiles Number:       RX582-004-00 
Material  :                                     Aluminum 6063-T5 
Weight:                                          1.9  kg/meter 
Finish :                                           Anodize Black 
Lenght :                                         Other lengths and hole patterns on customer request
Extruded Profiles  Geometry:
Technical information 

Thank you for choosing to incorporate the Foring Pin Fin Heatsink series, If you need assistance, Renxin Thermal will support you with:
  • Engineering assistance for product design and manufacturability,
  • Thermal testing assistance for CFD analysis,Heasink / Cooling System Design, 
  • Base Price / Lead Time / in Stock 
Again thank you, and we look forward to working with you, 
For technical information and support   : info@renxin-precision.com 
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