Renxin Thermal Solutions

50 x 50 Cooling aggregates
Compact design and homogeneous heat dissipation,Collocation miniature DC fan motor with grooves for lock-in retaining springs, good thermal performance, other lengths, special designs and processing according to customer´s requirements
Case with cooling fins
Standard extruded case proflies special lengths and transistor drillings upon request
RX612-120-A7 (45-55) Watts)
Arrangement and number of pins for optimum air flow and suitable for forced and free convection, constant heat dissipation in the base and the pins in the direction of heat flow
National Day holiday 2019
  16 , May , 2022
2019 National Day holiday from October 1th - 7th, a total of 7 days
Thermal technology laboratory
  16 , May , 2022
We company's newly established thermal technology laboratory, from thermal simulation design to product testing, can simulate the heat dissipation state under different working conditions such as natural convection and forced convection, and can test wind
The Lunar Spring Festival holiday in 2019
  16 , May , 2022
The Spring Festival holiday in 2019, January 31, 2019 (Lunar New Year) and February 14th (the first lunar month on the 10th) vacation days off, a total of 15 days