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RX612-120-A7 (45-55) Watts)

Item No.: Art:RX612-120-00
Arrangement and number of pins for optimum air flow and suitable for forced and free convection,  constant heat dissipation in the base and the pins in the direction of heat flow

– Circular arrangement and number of pins for optimum air flow
– Suitable for forced and free convection
– Excellent thermal conductivity by the alloy material (AL1050  99.5%; 220 W/mK)
– Constant heat dissipation in the base and the pins in the direction of heat flow
– Low weight achieved by optimised geometry
– Components fastened using screw, adhesive foil or clamps
– Customer-specific modifications and special designs
– Other pin-lengths and surfaces on request
– Surface: A1-natural  A4 : Black Aondize 

Part #                                  RX612-120-A5  >>>> Download PDF 
Thermal resistance:         0.76 K/W
Material  :                          AL 1050 (AL99.5%)
Surface  :                            A1: raw  aluminium /A2: natural anodize / A4: black Anodize 
Pin Height:                         60mm 
Bottom Diameter:            Ø120 mm
Pin Diameter                     Ø3.0mm
Plate thickness:                 10mm
Pin Count:                           193 Pieces 
Weight:                                540g
Surface  (mm2)                  141,772.07

Notes:  Base thickness  /Pin Height and Drilling, threading and milling and Suface  on customer request
3D View >>>>> Download (STEP)

Thermal Preformance
The following is the thermal resistance curve of natural convection. If you need heat dissipation performance parameters such as forced convection, please contact or technical support provide thermal solution design and thermal analysis, structural design and cost optimization. Our laboratory can provide thermal performance testing, wind tunnel testing, reflectivity testing, airtight waterproof performance, coating thickness testing, color contrast testing, optical performance testing and other services

Thermal Resistance

Technical information 
Thank you for choosing to incorporate the Foring Pin Fin Heatsink series, If you need assistance, Renxin Thermal will support you with:
  • Engineering assistance for product design and manufacturability,
  • Thermal testing assistance for CFD analysis,Heasink / Cooling System Design, 
  • Base Price / Lead Time / in Stock 
Again thank you, and we look forward to working with you, 
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