RX612-150-A4 (85-95 Watts)

Item No.: Art:RX612-150
The Pin heatsink series of LED lighting modules is engineered to allow lighting designers and luminaire manufacturers to quickly incorporate Cree CXB3590 , Luminus CXM-22 Citizen CLU-048 , Bridgelux Vero 29 into their lighting designs.

– Circular arrangement and number of pins for optimum air flow
– Suitable for forced and free convection
– Excellent thermal conductivity by the alloy material (Al1050 (95%); 226 W/mK) and homogeneous arrangement 
– Constant heat dissipation in the base and the pins in the direction of heat flow
– Low weight achieved by optimised geometry
– Components fastened using screw, adhesive foil or clamps
– Customer-specific modifications and special designs
– other pin-lengths and surfaces on request
– Surface: A1-natural  A4 : Black Aondize 

3D View

Product Parameter 
Part #:                                RX612-150-A4
Thermal resistance:        0.76 - 0.53 K/W
Material  :                         AL1050(99.5%)
Surface  :                           A4: Black Anodize (Color available)
Total:                                   70 mm

Pin Height:                        60 mm 
Base Diameter:                Ø150 mm
Pin Diameter                    Ø3.0mm
Base thickness:               10mm
Pin Count:                         316 Pieces 
Weight:                             0.851 Kg

Notes:  Pre (CXB3590/Bridgelux Vero 29 COB/) Drilling, threading and milling on customer request 

Thermal Preformance

Technical information  
COB:                             Cree CXB3590 
Holder :                       Ideal Holder
Glass Lens:                  Glass Lens                                             

Thank you for choosing to incorporate the Foring Pin Fin Heatsink series, If you need assistance, Renxin Thermal will support you with:
  • Engineering assistance for product design and manufacturability,
  • Thermal testing assistance for CFD analysis,Heasink / Cooling System Design, 
  • Base Price / Lead Time / in Stock 
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